A Review of Windows Defender

Free antivirus software that gives fair protection

Windows Defender is an anti-malware suite that’s built into every Windows 10 and 11 device. It is rated highly in tests conducted by three independent companies and has several essential features that help it stand out, like cloud backup and parental controls. It’s not a complete solution for protection against all threats, however. Other top antivirus software programs offer extras such as a VPN and password manager along with an array of security for devices and malware.

The Windows Security dashboard shows how everything is running on your system, with green ticks indicating that everything is in order and red ones indicating areas that need attention. It’s easy to see what you need to do, although navigating the different settings screens can be difficult.

Microsoft Defender comes with various standard security features, including real-time scanning and blocking of suspicious connections. It also blocks malicious apps from changing settings on your system and block malware from running board of directors portal in memory. It can also give you advice regarding password changes and account issues. There are a few under-the-bonnet OS security measures too such as virtualisation-based code isolation and hardware security measures.

Windows Security also has a knowledge base that provides solutions to most common issues, and the ability to search for information if you cannot find what you’re looking for. Community videos are available to teach you how to make the most of every feature. Two days of technical assistance for free, and you can purchase additional services if needed.

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