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Support from board software helps governance professionals streamline meeting administration collaboration, meeting administration, and document storage. It allows directors to take notes and communicate with each other in real time online using any device. The software also supports recording discussions and keeping track of the progress of projects, actions and outcomes. It can also enhance governance standards and reduce the use of paper. It can be used by not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) to streamline their meetings as well as track fundraising efforts while private boards could benefit from it with clear communication and security for the organisation.

When evaluating portals for board boards it is important to look at the level of support offered by the vendor and training. This includes the availability of customer support channels like phone, email and live chat, as well as response time. It’s also recommended to look for documentation, tutorials and personalized training sessions to help new users integrate quickly and smoothly.

Additionally, it’s essential to find a board portal with secure storage and collaboration features since these features will significantly improve the user experience for directors and administrators alike. Aprio’s board management software provides easy-to-use features that are straightforward for both directors how to follow up after a board meeting and administrators to learn, paired with unbeatable service. Many other vendors also offer collaborative tools to help board members to share and look over documents before and during meetings. This is particularly useful for board members who travel who must access their work on any device. These tools also help eliminate the need for awkward email attachments, by providing built-in safeguards and secure access.

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