Top 5 Data Related Majors

As technology advances, students are turning to data-driven abilities to prepare for the jobs of the future. While having a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to be able to enter this field, specialized majors aid in acquiring the necessary set of abilities to succeed in the field.

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a statistician, a geologist or a data scientist, these degrees will help you develop the necessary analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. Some of the best institutions for these degrees are Harvard, Northwestern and the University of Maryland.

A bachelor’s degree in statistics is a great fit for future data scientists because it teaches the science and practice of creating information from data that permits organizations to take reasoned action. Courses range from introductory calculus and statistics to advanced programming, data analytics and statistical machine learning. Students learn how to present their findings in a manner easy to comprehend by non-scientists.

This multidisciplinary program at Bryant University helps students find solutions to problems in the real world by analyzing data. Students are required to complete a 122-credit curriculum that covers courses in programming and statistics, in addition to artificial intelligence, big data/predictive analytics and an end-of-course. The program can be completed online or in hybrid format. Students can continue working full-time and complete their course work.

This interdisciplinary major from Northwest Missouri State University gives students the ability to translate massive data into information businesses can use to make progress. Students can select a focus in computer science, geographic information systems molecular biology, business, or and learn how to translate a broad spectrum of data into practical, scalable solutions for their particular area of study.

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